Course Description

This cohort-based series will focus on some of the big issues and questions in postsecondary teaching and learning. Together we will explore what researchers currently know about how learning actually happens, discuss how to plan lessons that enhance learning, then dive into some practical applications. Each participant will have the opportunity to highlight a current issue in postsecondary education and design a learning activity for the group. We will also focus on how to give and receive high quality feedback that supports both teaching and learning.

During this series of workshops participants will:

  • Engage in collaborative, critically reflective conversations with colleagues to explore current issues, theories and research in postsecondary education
  • Practice peer teaching, and collecting and responding to feedback from colleagues

Please note: This course is part of a cohort-based badge program (Theories and Issues in Postsecondary Teaching and Learning). As such, registration in subsequent courses will be restricted until your participation in this course has been verified.


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