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In this course we will focus on developing a cultural and relational lens to understand the growth and movement of individuals, families, and subsystems through the lifespan. Then we will examine what this conceptualization can mean and contribute to therapeutic change in the face of a myriad of problems including historical patterns, transformations, mental health issues, oppressions, and trauma. We will add this conceptualization to our PIPs, HIPs, and TIPs heuristic.

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Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize how different assumptions about individual and family development orient helpers to respond with different kinds of helping practices.

2. Reflect on assumptions and presuppositions about what constitutes “normality” and how discourses of diversity and marginalization affect conceptualizations of normality.

3. Reflect on and realize the cultural particularities and implications with respect to individual and family development.

4. Recognize and speak to the tension between relational dynamics and understandings of individual development.

5. Distinguish specific Pathologizing Interpersonal Patterns (PIPs) and Socio-Cultural Interpersonal Patterns (SCIPs) that include developmental considerations.

6. Conceptualize Healing Interpersonal Patterns (HIPs) to potentially displace the PIPs and DIPs.

7. Distinguish at least two generic types of TIPs (Transforming Interpersonal Patterns) that therapists could use with respect to conceptualizations of development.

8. Expand awareness of problematic prejudices/practices in our culture (including daily felt injustices) that have negative influences on individual family members and on family functioning as a whole as well as on the system itself with respect to development.

9. Identify the different effects of various kinds of questions with respect to development that might be asked in therapeutic and interprofessional work.

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