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In this course we will examine and link the theory and practice of systemic/relational family therapy. We will do this by introducing the history and classical models of systemic therapies and by analyzing one’s own conceptualizing and speaking systemically/relationally. Activities will include synchronous presentations and discussions along with asynchronous partner work.

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Learning Objectives:

1. Recognize how different assumptions about mental problems orient helpers to respond with different kinds of helping practices.

2. Recognize how different approaches in family therapy are based on different assumptions about the nature of individual and family problems.

3. Reflect on assumptions and presuppositions about what constitutes “normality” in family development, family structure, and family functioning.

4. Understand families as interpersonal systems of communication and interaction.

5. Discuss assessment strategies and the assessment/intervention connection in couple and family therapy.

6. Gain an appreciation of the power of relationship dynamics in the experience and behavior of individual family members.

7. Distinguish specific Pathologizing Interpersonal Patterns (PIPs) of interaction in clinical families.

8. Conceptualize Healing Interpersonal Patterns (HIPs) to potentially displace the PIPs and DIPs.

9. Distinguish at least two generic types of TIPs (Transforming Interpersonal Patterns) that therapists could use.

10. Expand awareness of problematic prejudices/practices in our culture (including daily felt injustices) that have negative influences on individual family members and on family functioning as a whole.

11. Identify the different effects of different kinds of questions that might be asked in therapy

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