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The downtowns of Canada's largest cities include many dynamic mixed-use real estate development projects. Technological advances, traffic congestion, and environmental concerns are some of the many factors that are driving an explosion in mixed-use real estate planning and development. Gain an overview of the development process that incorporates complimentary residential, commercial, civic and business uses into a single parcel or development concept area. Learn about mixed-use planning polices and development regulations, and gain a deeper understanding of the development process from start to finish using Calgary as a case example.

Course Details

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HSK 828 Mixed-Use Real Estate Development


By completion of this course, successful students will have gained a general understanding of mixed use and be able to:

  •  Identify advantages and disadvantages of mixed use,
  •  Use the specific criteria for site selection feasibility,
  •  Discuss important factors for leasing and sales
  •  Describe the basic principles of mixed-use development for a Transit Oriented Development
  •  Recognize the municipal approval advantages of mixed-use

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