Course Description

A continuation of Italian 4, this course builds language abilities to a higher level of fluency. Starting with a full review of Italian grammar, develop your communicative skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) and cultural awareness using authentic materials. This class is conducted in Italian.

Course Details

By successful completion of this course, successful students will develop skills in:

  • Listening: Grasp the meaning and respond to increasingly complex conversations and audio material related to the thematic and linguistic content of the course.
  • Speaking: Express ideas in the present, past and future tenses, using vocabulary related to authentic and non-stereotypical cultural situations.
  • Reading: Read and respond to authentic and edited material (textbook readings/short newspaper articles and short literature excerpts).
  • Writing: Grasp the meaning and respond to increasingly complex literature/newspaper readings. In Italian, compose messages, daily journal reflections and a variety of other texts in the present, in the past and in the future.
  • Culture: Increase awareness of cultural features of Italy and share in discussion that explores divergence and convergence between the Italian and Canadian cultures. Present on a topic of cultural interest.


ITA 104 Italian 4 or equivalent.


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