Course Description

Lean Six Sigma teams identify root causes that have high impact, are within the team’s control, and align with the Value Stream Mapping and Process Analysis. The analyze phase is the beginning of the statistical analysis of the problem and determines or validates the root causes of defects. During the analyze phase, the data collected in the measure phase is used to draw statistical associations between measures and causes. Statistical reviews or validation determines which root causes contribute significantly to the output and are statistically relevant to the project.

This one-day course is based on the Analyze Phase of the DMAIC framework and is the fourth of six courses designed to prepare individuals to conduct continuous improvement work in their organizations. The purpose of this course is to help students familiarize themselves with the expectations, tools, concepts, and deliverables of Six Sigma Analyze Phase.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • List the major DMAIC activities in the analyze phase and recognize the critical role of this phase in the DMAIC process
  • Describe why a defect or problem occurs and how the project team can devise solutions to eliminate defects or problems
  • Articulate the purpose of the Cause and Effect Matrix and how it relates to other DMAIC tools, and create a matrix
  • Describe the purpose of failure modes and effects analysis and how it relates to the other DMAIC tools
  • Examine appropriate data analysis tools for sampling plans, statistical reviews, and validation to determine which root causes contribute significantly to the project output
  • Describe an appropriate sample and what model would be best suited to explain the behaviour of output variables in relation to input variables
  • Describe the difference between statistical and practical significance, correlation, and causation
  • Perform basic statistics, Value Stream Mapping, and Process Analysis
  • Produce summaries of the findings from statistical validation or process value analysis
  • Evaluate problems in the process that cause defects and determine if these problems are the root causes of defects


Students are strongly encouraged to take these courses in an order based on the DMAIC framework starting with PDS 243 Business Execution Systems; however, this is not required.




A basic knowledge of Excel and statistics is highly recommended for this course.

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