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Microsoft Outlook Levels 1 and 2

Microsoft Outlook Levels 1 and 2 teaches students how to: create, edit, send and manage messages; use different features for tracking; manage attachments; manage email folders; create signatures; create and modify appointments, meetings, contacts, notes and tasks; work with data files; create search folders; manage auto replies; use RSS; manage security; share calendar and contacts.

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Registrations within 24 hours of course start time must be made by phone (403-220-2866).

Course Content

Course Level Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Obtain an introduction to Microsoft Outlook
  • Navigate around the Microsoft Outlook interface
  • Create, send, receive, and save email messages
  • Forward and reply to email messages
  • Insert items and attachments in email messages
  • Use reminders and flag email messages for action
  • Use signatures in email messages
  • Work with email conversations
  • Manage email messages using categories and folders
  • Move, archive and delete email messages
  • Create, manage, edit, and share contacts
  • Work with contact groups
  • Create and manage appointments, events and meetings requests on the calendar
  • Create and modify tasks and notes
  • Work with search folders, rules and automatic replies
  • Work with data files and set up mail accounts
  • Manage and delegate access to email accounts

Topics of Instruction

  • Getting to Know Outlook
  • Working with Contacts
  • E-mail and Calendar Basics
  • Advanced Email Tools, Contact Management, and Calendar Management
  • Managing Email Messages, Meetings, Tasks, Notes and Journal Entries
  • Automating Message Processing
  • Categories and Outlook Data Files


  • Students are familiar with the personal computer, keyboard and mouse
  • Students have Microsoft Windows skills and knowledge, and can perform the following tasks:
    • start and run Windows
    • use the taskbar, Start button and Help feature
    • use Minimize, Maximize, Restore Down/Up and Close
    • use the left and right mouse buttons appropriately
    • understand file management techniques
    • navigate between files, folders, or drives.

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