Course Description

Calculus Boosters is designed to help students succeed in introductory calculus courses. The focus of the course will be on the core algebra and trigonometry skills as they apply to calculus.

Course Details

  • Manipulating and simplifying algebraic expressions.
  • Understanding the basic trigonometric functions, and using them to evaluate expressions.
  • Using basic trigonometric identities to change the form of an expression.
  • Understanding function notation, and using it to evaluate composite functions.
  • Understanding and evaluating piecewise functions.
  • Knowing and understanding the properties of common functions.
  • Understanding logarithmic functions, including the ability to simplify a logarithmic expression using the rules of logarithms and solving simple exponential equations using logarithms.
  • Solving equations of various forms, including linear, quadratic, radical and rational.


This course is intended for students entering undergraduate calculus courses.


There are no prerequisites for Calculus Boosters.


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