Course Description

This course introduces the International Institute of Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) area requirements analysis and design definition.

Course Details

The requirements analysis and design phase of a project translates the results of requirements gathering sessions into requirements specifications and solutions options. This is accomplished using different tools and techniques to model and describe the requirements that are understandable by all stakeholders of the project.

Students will learn how to use common office software to accomplish some of the key tasks a business analyst is expected to perform during requirements analysis and design. This course is designed for both business and IT professionals and business analysts who are looking for an introduction to the BABOK requirements analysis techniques and tools as well as experienced business analysis practitioners who are looking to improve specific modelling skills using common desktop software.

Course Level Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Specify requirements for an IT software project using various types of models
  • Verify and validate the requirements of an IT software project are of sufficient detail for business and IT stakeholders
  • Structure requirements to demonstrate support of business objectives
  • Define solution options and recommend solutions

Topics of Instruction

  • Specifying requirements
  • Modeling requirements
  • Selecting the appropriate models for your project
  • Verification of project requirements using models and matrices
  • Identification of acceptance and evaluation criteria for a solution
  • How to create a basic test plan to meet the acceptance criteria
  • Validating requirements with stakeholders
  • Managing requirements
  • Setting up a requirements architecture
  • Selecting requirements artifacts
  • Evaluate solution options using ranked and weighted matrices
  • Basic cost/benefit analysis of solution options

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