Course Description

Take full advantage of Microsoft Office suite by automating routine tasks. No matter which application you're using, there are some tasks you perform dozens of times, such as typing a section of text, running a series of menu commands, or formatting a document in a particular way.

This course shows you how to accomplish the same tasks by incorporating them into a macro that you can run with just a few mouse clicks or keystrokes.

Course Details

Course Level Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion if this course, you will be able to:

  • Use Visual Basic Editor to write simple codes in VBA
  • Understand properties of different Excel objects
  • Create modules and procedures
  • Write code in VBA using variables and functions
  • Apply and understand the scope of variables and procedures
  • Write code for managing objects of Excel application
  • Write code using decision structures and loops

Topics of Instruction

Getting started with the Visual Basic Editor

  • Visual Basic for Applications
  • Properties and modules
  • The Code window

Programming basics

  • Working with variables and functions
  • Scope of variables
  • Scope of procedures

Word objects

  • Programming with objects

Understanding Objects in Excel

  • Objects
  • Application object

Control Structures

  • Using decision structures
  • Using loop structures


  • There are no prerequisites for this course, however, students must have significant experience with Microsoft Excel and Access in order to successfully complete this course.
  • Students must also meet the recommendations and requirements in the Notes section along with any proficiencies identified below.


You should be a relatively experienced Excel user able to comfortably perform the following tasks:

  • create workbooks, insert sheets, save files
  • navigate through a workbook
  • use the Excel Ribbon user interface
  • enter formulas
  • use Excel's worksheet functions
  • name cells and ranges
  • use basic Windows features
  • understand file management techniques

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