University of Calgary Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy statement:

The University endeavours to create and maintain a positive and productive learning environment; an environment in which there is:

  1. respect for the dignity of all;
  2. fair treatment of individuals;
  3. respect for academic freedom; and
  4. respect for University resources and the property of individuals.

Continuing Education will defer to the University of Calgary's Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure, as stated on the University of Calgary's website. These documents describe the behaviours that are considered misconduct, including possible consequences, and outlines the process for responding to allegations of Student Non-Academic Misconduct. For more information, please refer to Appendix 1: Prohibited Conduct and Appendix 2: Sanctions.

What is Non-Academic Misconduct?

Non-Academic Misconduct refers to unacceptable behaviour that endangers the safety and security of other people, property or University operations. It can include bullying, verbal assault, physical assault, or damaging property.

  Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy

  Student Non-Academic Misconduct Procedure

For more information or to report misconduct or concerning behaviour, please see the Student Conduct Office.

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