Continuing Education programs undergo formal reviews as part of our quality assurance process. This ensures that the curriculum is current and meets the needs of students, professional associations, legislation, and potential employers alike. When a program should undergo significant changes, it may be decided that the current program should close and a new program may be launched.

When changes are necessary, students who have been admitted to a program will be able to continue with the original program of study within a prescribed time period. Students who have not been formally admitted to the program will be required to follow the revised curriculum. This is why students are strongly encouraged to apply for admission as soon as possible.

  • Students who have been formally admitted to a program will be notified via email of any curriculum changes and the available options for program completion. We will make every effort to schedule future course offerings to ensure students are able to complete their current program requirements in a reasonable time.
  • Students not admitted to the program but have completed specific core courses for the program may also be notified via email as a courtesy.
  • Discontinued programs and important dates related to program changes are listed on the program pages of the Continuing Education website.
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