Auditing privileges are granted to students who complete, and are approved through, the auditing approval process. Auditing students may participate in classroom activities, but they do not complete the lab or tutorial components of a course. Students do not complete any exam or course assignments, nor do they receive a grade for the course they are auditing. Students may be limited in the courses they can audit due to enrolment pressures. Only graded courses are eligible to audit.

Audit fees are identical to the regular course fees.

All auditing fees are non-refundable.

A course in which the student is registered and attends as an auditor will be entered on the student's record. It will not count towards any certificate or diploma program, nor will the student be permitted to change registration in that course from audit to credit. A change from credit to audit status after the course start date is granted at the discretion of the Program Manager responsible for the course.

To request permission to audit a course, students must submit an Audit Application. Applications are reviewed by the Program Manager responsible for the course. The instructor teaching the course will also be consulted.

Students may audit a course that they have completed previously, and may also take a course which was previously audited for credit. In every instance, approval is required as stated above.

Any student seeking to audit courses must meet all admission, registration, and fee deadlines that apply to regular students.

Audit Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to audit a course?
Auditing a course means that you attend classes but you are not required to submit any coursework or write exams. Therefore, you will not receive any credit for the course. The course will appear on your transcript with an "AU" (audit) designation in place of a grade. Audited courses do not fulfil certificate completion requirements.

What are the fees for auditing a course?
The fees for auditing a course are identical to regular course fees.

Will my instructor know I am auditing their course?
Yes, all instructors are consulted and notified of audit students in their course sections.

Can I change my course from credit to audit?
If approved, you can change from credit to audit providing you make the request prior to course end dates and final course grades have not been posted.

Can I change my course from audit to credit?
No, once you are auditing a course your student records cannot be changed. Auditing a course does not count toward certificate completion requirements.

What do I do in my class if I am auditing?
You are expected to attend and participate in the classroom or online community, this includes all ungraded course activities. However, you should consult and communicate with your instructor to determine expected participation in graded group activities, despite not being graded for those activities.

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