Employers can receive:

  Up to $10,000 to train an individual employee (covering 66% of training costs)

  Up to $15,000 to hire and train an unemployed Albertan (covering 100% of training costs)

  Up to $300,000 per year

Government funding for employee training

The Canada-Alberta Job grant is a training program that can help cover training costs for current or future employees. To receive funding, employers are required to contribute to one-third of the total training costs for a trainee. If the application is approved, the Government of Canada will cover the rest of the costs with a cap of $10,000 per trainee and a cap of $300,000 per year. If hiring and training an unemployed Albertan, up to 100% of training costs could be covered, with a cap of $15,000 per trainee.

Applications are submitted by the employer on behalf of the employee. See the Canada Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide for more information.

Small business owners can now take advantage of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Many businesses have struggled with revenue growth during the pandemic and are looking to rebound. The government has made a temporary change to allow small business to access the same funding as other employers.

This grant is right for you if:

  • You're and employer looking to provide meaningful training to your employees.
  • You're an employee wanting to improve your skills to better support your workplace.
  • You're a small business looking to solve challenges in your revenue growth.

To learn more about the eligibility requirements, please refer to the Alberta government's Canada-Alberta Job Grant information.

UCalgary Continuing Education training opportunities

For training, employers are required to use a third-party provider, such as UCalgary Continuing Education. A seminar or course of 21 hours or more qualifies for the grant. Alternatively, multiple seminars and courses can be combined to meet the 21-hour minimum.

Business Seminars: These seminars are designed to enhance communication, leadership and management skills, and personal effectiveness. They range from three hours to multiple full-day sessions, with most running from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the main or downtown campus. View Business Seminars...

Online and On Campus Courses: Hundreds of courses are offered each term in business, conflict resolution, computing technology, leadership, management, teaching adults and more. View courses...

For more information about how you can take advantage of the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, please contact us.

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