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SPA 420 Spanish Conversation 2

Course Description

Improve your speaking and listening skills in this low-intermediate Spanish conversational class.You will continue to build conversational strategies, improve listening comprehension, reinforce grammar skills, and build vocabulary and common expressions through activities which may include discussions, oral presentations, interviews and role-playing.


SPA 106 Spanish 6 or en equivalent level of fluency as determined by the department.  

NOTESPA 105 Spanish 5 is the pre-requisite course for those students who have completed it prior to spring 2013.  


Students should have good knowledge of the present tenses (present indicative and present progresive), past tenses (preterit and imperfect), the present subjunctive, the past and present perfect, the future and the conditional (chapters 1-15 in Como se Dice).

Applies Towards the Following Certificate(s)

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