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ITA 101 Italian 1

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Course Description

Learn basic vocabulary, key phrases and introductory grammar in these interactive, conversational classes that form the foundation for moving on to higher levels.

Course Details

This course uses a custom edition of Piazza as the base text for instruction. The innovative teaching method is based on an entertaining and communicative approach and involves the following:

1. accent on communication, with the objective of enabling the student to speak and interact in Italian

2. authentic language in both the oral and written extracts

3. real, non-stereotypical situations

4. inductive grammar

5. cultural sections full of information on Italy and Italians

6. learning strategies aimed at developing independent study

Each lesson covers: Speaking/writing; speaking practice/writing practice; grammar; communicative functions.




  ITA 101 - 043 Italian 1  
  Fall 2016   Status:  Enrolment Closed
Class:   Wed 6:30PM - 9:00PM
28 Sep 2016 to 14 Dec 2016
Number of Sessions: 12 Sessions
Hours: 30.0
Course Fees:   Fee before GST non-credit    $295.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Campus: Main Campus
Delivery Options:  Class
Instructor(s): Maria Oss-Cech
  Reading List / Textbook:  

Piazza, Italian - Levels 1, 2, 3, by Melucci & Tognozzi, 2nd Custom Edition (textbook and workbook bundle); ISBN: 9780176774004. 

Available for purchase at U of C Bookstore. Visit www.calgarybookstore.ca or phone 403-220-5937.



  Section Notes:  

A $25 fee applies for course withdrawals and transfers.

The instructor may choose to use Desire2Learn (D2L), an online learning environment, to post the Course Outline and other course materials. If you have questions about using D2L, let your instructor know when you attend the first class. D2L may not be available before the start date of the course. 




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