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GER 110 German 1

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Course Description

Learn the basics of communicating in German, with an emphasis on speaking and understanding the language. This course is designed for students with no prior knowledge of the German language.

Course Details

The following topics will be covered in class, using the textbook "Schritte International 1":

Class 1: Hello, good morning, good evening; my name is....; the "w-question-words" wer, wie, woher; word order in a sentence; personal pronouns  ich, du, Sie; alphabet; verbs: sein, heissen, kommen, studieren; names of countries

Class 2: Creating and reading business cards; filling out a form; exercises and review

Class 3: Family and friends; possessive determiner: mein, meine, dein, deine, Ihr, Ihre (my, your); Wie geht's? (how are you?); personal pronouns: er, sie, sie, wir, ihr, (he, she, they, we, you)

Class 4: Numbers 0 - 20; verbs: haben, leben, wohnen; review; indefinite article ein, eine; negative article kein, keine; singular and plural form of nouns

Class 5: Food and drinks; yes/no questions vs information questions; verbs: kosten, brauchen, kaufen; units of weight and capacity, units of measurement and quantity, numbers 21 - 100; expressions for preferences

Class 6: Living space; definite articles der, die, das, die (Pl); the negative nicht; adjectives; colours; furniture; verbs: machen, moegen, gehen; numbers 100 - 1,000 000

Class 7: Zodiac signs; exercises and review; clock time (formal/informal); separable verbs: aufraeumen, einkaufen, fernsehen, aufstehen; verbs: kochen, fruehstuecken, grillen

Class 8: Daily routine;question words: wann, wie lange; days of the week, time of day; temporal prepositions: am, um, von .....bis; exercises and review

Class 9: Hobbies and activities; weather and climate in Germany and Europe; directions; seasons; the accusative case of masculine noun; doch as a positive response to a negative question

Class 10: Reading and listening comprehension exercises; review and exercises

Class 11: Lifelong learning (taking courses); modal verbs: koennen, wollen; present perfect tense and past participle

Class 12: Present perfect tense and past participle; interjections; exercises and review


  GER 110 - 010 German 1  
  Fall 2016   Status:  Available
Class:   Thu 6:30PM - 9:00PM
29 Sep 2016 to 15 Dec 2016
Number of Sessions: 12 Sessions
Hours: 30.00
Course Fees:   Fee Before GST non-credit    $295.00
Potential Price Adjustments:
Campus: Main Campus
Delivery Options:  Class
Instructor(s): Maria Forsthuber
  Reading List / Textbook:  Schritte International I by Niebisch at al. Hueber, ISBN: 9783190018512. Available for purchase at U of C Bookstore. Visit www.calgarybookstore.ca or call (403) 220-5937.
  Section Notes:  

A $25 fee applies for course withdrawals and transfers.

The instructor may choose to use Desire2Learn (D2L), an online learning environment, to post the Course Outline and other course materials. If you have questions about using D2L, let your instructor know when you attend the first class. D2L may not be available before the start date of the course. 


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