Course Description

We have all been impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and our anxiety and stress levels increased. We are teaching, learning and working remotely from home with our daily routines and lives disrupted. It is important to manage our disrupted lives by practicing self-care to enhance our well-being. Self-care is a deliberate action taken in order to enhance our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. Self-care manages stress and paves the way for kind, compassionate engagement with the world around you. This webinar aims to discuss different strategies for self-care and have participants develop a personalized self-care plan.

At the end of this session participants will be able to: 

  • Explore the importance of self-care and crisis response
  • Practice some evidence-based strategies for self-care that can enhance their well-being
  • Develop a self-care plan


Dr. Glory Ovie, PhD is a postdoctoral associate at the Department of Psychology and the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Her doctoral research focused on crisis response in postsecondary institutions. She is currently studying the intersection between teaching and learning, mental health and well-being. She is a member of the Campus Mental Health Strategy Subcommittee on Teaching and Learning. She is an educator and a published researcher within her field of study.

Please Note: This webinar will be recorded.


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