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Career Opportunities

Many public institutions in Canada may be members of Languages Canada and require instructors to have TESL certification with a practicum component. Applicants are encouraged to speak with employers for their requirements.


These are part-time, non-credit Certificates offered through University of Calgary Continuing Education. Courses do not allow for any transfer credit towards a degree/diploma.

Certification with TESL Canada

The Teaching Second Language Certificate specializing in English as a Second Language – Level 1 and Teaching Second Language Certificate – Level 2 can be applied toward TESL Canada Professional Certificate Standards 1 and 2, providing students have passed the ESL teaching practicum. It is important to note that TESL Canada certification requires candidates have a university degree with any major recognized in Canada.

For information and certification requirements, see:


  • Online
  • Classroom

Fees (subject to change)

Fees are the same for Canadian and international students.

2018 – 2019:

  • Certificate Admission Fee: $95
  • BMC 352 Learning Online prerequisite course: $185
  • 30 hour courses and practicum fee: $575 per course
  • 40 hour course fee: $675
  • Textbooks: Estimated at $200 for the program

The approximate total for Level 1 is $2400. The Level 2 Certificate has an additional 4 courses at $575 each, so the approximate total is $4700. The practicum is $600 for 20 hours, $900 for 30 hours and $1500 for 50 hours.

A 5% bundle discount applies if you register and pay at the same time for 3 or 4 courses. Offer is valid for the 2018-2019 academic year. 3 or more courses — discount of 5% per course. Discount cannot be applied retroactively.


There is no funding available for our Continuing Education certificates as our programs are not designated by the Government of Alberta.

International Students

The program may be taken online from outside of Canada.

As this program is part-time and non-credit (does not lead to a degree or diploma), it does not meet the requirements for an international study permit.


The practicum (20 hours for TSL Level 1 and 50 hours for TSL Level 2) is optional.

TESL Canada requires a 20-hour practicum for a Level 1 Certificate. The 20-hour practicum consists of 10 hours of classroom observation and 10 hours of supervised classroom teaching.

TESL Canada requires a 50-hour practicum for completion of a Level 2 Certificate The 50-hour practicum consists of 30 hours of classroom observation followed by 20 hours of supervised classroom teaching.

Students who have previously taken 20 hours of practicum can complete a 30-hour practicum in order to receive 50 hours of total practicum hours. The 30-hour practicum consists of 20 hours of classroom observation followed by 10 hours of supervised classroom teaching.

Please see for certification information and requirements.

Observation and teaching can be completed during the day in the full-time English Language Program (Monday to Friday) or in the part-time program (evenings and/or Saturdays).

You will communicate with the Program Manager and the Sponsor Teacher to determine a suitable schedule of hours and class placement. Observations and teaching sessions are completed in sessions of 90 – 180 minutes over the duration of the course.

Practicum placements are limited so please register early. Practicum is open to students within our program only.

Note: All four Level 1 courses must be completed prior to starting the practicum.

Note: There is no practicum for the TIHL program.

Students outside of Calgary seeking TESL Canada certification, please refer to for specific practicum requirements and a list of recognized training providers.


BMC 352 Learning Online (10 hours) is a prerequisite for all online courses. Multiple sections of this course are offered each semester. Please click here for BMC 352 course dates and FAQs.

For standard course prerequisites, click here.

Registration Process

Confirm that you meet the admission requirements outlined on the certificate descriptions.

If English is not your first language you will be required to provide confirmation of English language proficiency prior to admission.

Apply for admission to the certificate.

If you are ready to register for a course via the web using your credit card, visit

To register over the phone using your credit card, please call 403-220-2866 in the Calgary area. Please call toll free in North America 1-866-220-4992 (outside Calgary area).


Please view each course for textbook information.


You should plan on studying and working approximately six to eight hours per week per course.

These courses require you to login 3-4 times per week to keep pace with the class. Course content will be worked through at the same pace, module-by-module, and each class has set deadlines for assignments, contributions to the discussion board and readings. Assessment may include graded assignments, quizzes, tests, or participation requirements.

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