Course Description

We can probably all think of an example of when an accomplished leader made a bad decision that had an impact on a company's employees, clients and the general public. Chances are, had that leader stopped to evaluate ethics, he or she may have made a different choice. In this seminar, learn about the territory of ethics and the many choices available to you when navigating through potentially challenging ethical decisions. In addition to reviewing the foundations of ethics, you will learn how to test if you are facing an ethical decision. Also, be guided through a process for making ethical decisions, and discover ways to help others make good choices.


  • Integrity and its impact
  • The big picture: A model of why we need ethics and what it does for business
  • Visual analysis tool
  • Link to sustainability
  • Ethical decision making
  • Language to support ethical decision making
  • Stakeholders: Building strong allies
  • Strategies to help others make good choices

Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills


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