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How is your company or organization managing its reputation? How is it building and managing relationships that determine its success? Strategic communications planning is the process of aligning communications with corporate strategies and organizational goals. It is the process of stepping away from daily concerns to consider how communications activities can best support and contribute to achieving an organization’s vision and objectives. Cultivate an understanding of strategic communication planning in keeping with established standards of professional excellence. Develop a communications strategy and tactical plans that will help you to create and leverage communication resources effectively to maximize relationships with stakeholders and minimize risk.

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Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to develop an effective communications plan that is clearly linked to business goals. You will learn and apply your understanding of the strategic communication planning process to assist a client to resolve issues or problems with communication solutions. Key points of learning will include:

1.  Develop a communications strategy based on research results

2.  Identify the interests and needs of target audiences

3.  Define communication goals and measurable communication objectives that clearly link to organizational goals

4.  Develop tactical plans and use communication tools and processes to achieve communication objectives

5.  Evaluate the outcome of a communication plan and define its contribution toward organizational goals

6. Use a general communication planning template that can be applied to any communication problem


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