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Dealing With The Difficult Conversation

The difficult conversation is stressful; it feels like an invisible minefield. It could be about telling someone that you are upset; giving bad news; or telling your manager, co-worker, or family member that they have done something that distresses you. The problem with these difficult conversations is that we spend more time worrying about them than engaging in them. Consequently, we either "blow it," put the conversations off too long, or avoid them altogether. This seminar presents ways to handle difficult discussions with skill and confidence. Learn an assertive, yet respectful method for discussing concerns with others. This method works well for giving constructive feedback, getting your views heard in tense situations, and encouraging others to change behaviour. Practise the method in a friendly environment using sample situations or your own challenges. Build awareness of success factors and bear-traps in difficult conversations, gain tools for engaging in difficult conversations and develop greater clarity about what not to say, as well as what to say and how to say it and learn how to change the behaviour of others by what you say and do.


  • A special kind of listening
  • Headspace talk for success or sabotage
  • Perspective: who and what is this all about?
  • Success factors: before you begin, during, and after
  • Turning up the heat: what to do in open conflict
  • The model: walkthrough and practise
  • Topics from participants

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