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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) is said to be two times more important than our intellectual intelligence (IQ) or technical competence. Time Magazine says: "IQ gets you hired but EQ gets you promoted." Terms of reference about what constitutes personal and professional competence have changed. Today, we need to integrate intellectual and emotional intelligence to make positive things happen in our lives, families, and organizations or communities.

Dr. June Donaldson's emotional intelligence model is called Emotional SMARTS®. It focuses on the awareness, behaviour, contact and connection, and decision-making skills necessary for being emotionally smart, grounded and centred during times of change, challenge, conflict, and uncertainty.


  • Emotional SMARTS in terms of how you manage yourself and your interactions with others
  • Four Emotional SMARTS cornerstones that form the foundation of emotional intelligence and wellness 
  • Individual performance in the 16 characteristics that underpin the four cornerstones
  • Skills and competencies to enhance one's Emotional SMARTS, both personally and professionally

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