Course Description

This course will introduce students to the tools, techniques and best practices that are used to define and manage business requirements for Business Intelligence projects.

Course Details

Defining business requirements for IT projects can be a challenging process under ideal conditions. The scope of requirements for Business Intelligence (BI) projects can range from enterprise wide strategic programs, to addressing specific reporting needs for a small subset of users in a single department.

Whether the business analysis is on a wider or more narrowly scoped BI project, there are additional considerations to deal with the additional complexity found in data driven projects, broad range of stakeholders and constantly changing reporting requirements.

This course is designed for those who want to be able to efficiently and effectively define BI requirements that can be used for all projects in organizations of any size. This course assumes you are already familiar with basic BI concepts.

Course Level Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Communicate an understanding of the basic concepts of gathering requirements
  • Identify each requirement category and its use
  • Create a data model at two levels, conceptual and logical

Topics of Instruction

  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Tools & techniques to collect requirements for BI Projects
  • Mapping objectives, goals and strategies to a business requirement
  • Categorizing of requirements for BI Projects
  • Data Modeling, data analysis, measures, KPIs and metrics
  • Defining user report and UI requirements

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