Course Description

Poetry has the capacity to remake and translate the things of the world into new ways of thinking about them. We have been drawn to poetry since before the written language. You will explore a toolbox of poetic techniques and how to locate, write and edit your own work. We will examine closely how simile and metaphor, classical forms, rhythm and rhyme operate in the design of poetry, as well as contemporary Spoken Word.

Course Details

Broad Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of the WRI Poetry 420 course, you will be able to read poems for their meaning or significance and be able to articulate how the form a poem takes often informs or supports its meaning or significance. You will become more confidant in your ability to write poetry.

Supporting Learning Outcome Statements

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the vocabulary and terms associated with reading and writing poetry
  • write poems across a variety of genres
  • offer effective feedback to others on their creative writing
  • identify poetry's place in literature in the way poetry intensifies language, emotion and representation


Prerequisites: WRI 140 Creative Writing Exploration.

Caution: Please do not register for this course if you have not completed the prerequisite courses before this course commences.  In order to ensure fairness to all students, individuals without the required prerequisites will be subject to withdrawal from the course with no refund of tuition.


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