Course Description

If you have a story idea in draft form, or in your head, this course will bring you closer to turning the idea into a complete work by delving into various fiction fundamentals including; characterization, setting, narrative arc, writing, editing, understanding the life of a fiction writer and marketing the story. Collaborating with both instructor and fellow classmates, learn about your genre and gain skill through practice.


Previous course name and number: "Novel Idea: From Idea to Novel - WRI 106"


BMC 152 or BMC 352 - Learning Online and WRI 140 - Creative Writing Exploration.

Caution: Please do not register for this course if you have not completed the prerequisite courses BMC 152 or BMC 352 and WRI 140 or registered to complete them before this course commences.  In order to ensure fairness to all students, individuals without the required prerequisites will be subject to withdrawal from the course with no refund of tuition. If your desired course section is full, please check if another section is available for registration or add your name to the waitlist as sections are often added based on demand.


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