Course Description

This is the second of two courses designed to prepare you for university entrance. The themes of changes, energy and systems are central to the course, and equilibrium and matter are subordinate themes. Specific units include thermo-chemical changes, chemical changes of organic compounds, electrochemical changes, and chemical equilibrium focusing on acid-base systems. (Previously UPG 104 Introduction to Chemistry)

Course Details

Broad Learning Outcome:

Upon successful completion of the Chemistry 2 course, you will be able to describe chemical systems in terms of their relative stability using thermochemical and electrochemical data.  You will have a more detailed understanding of acid-base chemistry, and you will see the methods modern organic chemists use to describe and manipulate organic systems. 

Supporting Learning Outcome Statements

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • determine and interpret energy changes in chemical reactions
  • explain and communicate energy changes in chemical reactions
  • explain the nature of oxidation-reduction reactions
  • apply the principles of oxidation-reduction to electrochemical cells
  • explore organic compounds as a common form of matter
  • describe chemical reactions of organic compounds
  • explain the balance of opposing reactions in chemical equilibrium systems
  • determine quantitative relationships in simple equilibrium systems


Successful completion of Chemistry 20, Chem I, or equivalent course.  Questions about placement?  Call: 403.220.2866 or E-mail conted@ucalgary.ca 

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