Course Description

$850 (International Students)Please Note: New time frame for this course.

Who Will Benefit?

- environmentalDiscuss tools for monitoring and analyzing environmental change and degradation, including geo-information systems. Leamanagers & consultants
- chemical engineers
- environmental engineers
- regulators

Yrn how to manipulate, analyze and interpret digital maps and digital image processing. Review basic concepts of experimou will Learn

- how to use computer-basedtools for statistical analysis
- design ecological fielental design. Questions regarding replication and control are discussed and the most common flaws in sampling designs ad experiments avoiding confounding effects

What Previous Delegates Have Said

- tre discussed. The basic concepts behind inferential statistics are explained and t-tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVhe material is very important and interesting
- greatinstructor!

Outline Programme

A) are demonstrated. The assumptions of the tests are explained, techniques for detection of violation of assumptions a

- Interspersion, randomization and replication
- Analysis of data
- Normal distribution, central limire demonstrated and the seriousness of violations are discussed.t theorem
- Computer laboratory instruction


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