Course Description

The key to productive and profitable client relationships is the ability to adjust interaction and delivery style to match your customers' needs and expectations. Learn how you can increase your influence and ability to sell your ideas, products or services and how to use a consultative approach to arrive at strategic solutions. Discover tactics to build a relationship of trust over time with even your most challenging clients and customers.

Course Details


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe an effective consultation and influencing process for you and your business
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges that you face in influencing and providing service to your internal or external clients
  • Diagnose the delivery style expectations and differences of your customers
  • Diagnose your company/group's working and service style
  • Identify how your company/group needs to adjust its products and services to meet difficult customer requirements during: sales, service, and delivery to prevent problems
  • Adjust your interaction style and presentation content to increase influence and deal effectively with service problems.
    Identify tactics to increase your influence and build a relationship of trust over time with even your most challenging clients and customers
  • Make decisions and plans and take actions that will be necessary to increase your ability to meet divergent customer requirements.


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