Course Description

The traditional staff professional role has evolved from service support to change agent and consultant. In this seminar, both internal and external advisors will be guided through the steps necessary to move from a technical specialist role to a 50-50 business partner role with clients. Learn how to combine consulting skills with customer relationship management principles to establish balanced consultant-client interactions. The key learning is that your own behaviour is crucial to the effectiveness of the business partnership role and the importance of asking the right questions when starting a new project, adopting a role that fits the situation, taking charge of the process, and working effectively with your clients by leading from behind.


  • Work in partnership to more directly impact business results
  • Appreciate the key behaviours that establish equal interactions with clients
  • Leverage your resources, and market your expertise as an added-value business partner
  • Develop confidence in having difficult conversations, and working with resistance and conflict
  • Practise how to sell your best ideas and recommendations
  • Assess your own consulting skills and action plan for improvements
  • Practical how-to's of consulting

Certificate for Emerging Leaders: Professional Skills


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