Course Description

Annual reports, strategic plans, briefing documents, even e-mails: these are what we consider to be our key communication tools in organizations. What they communicate is data. Often what is missing is meaning, context, impact and relevance. How do we achieve these important needs? The answer: through storytelling. In today's organizations, individuals need to make sense of the complex situations and demands that swirl constantly around them and to absorb and integrate vast quantities of information. Storytelling is an incredibly powerful tool to facilitate this sense-making process; it provides context, content, passion and understanding as the meaning and necessary information is translated and transmitted through human experience in the process of storytelling.


  •  Gain an understanding of the critical process of sense making in organizations: the key to understanding
  •  Learn to appreciate the process of storytelling as a way of making meaning and sharing understanding
  •  Learn to use the process of storytelling in an organizational context as a way to connect people and build a positive culture
  •  Acquire tools to gain confidence in the process of organizational storytelling
  •  Become confident telling your story and building that culture of connections in your relationships at work
    and beyond
  •  Have some fun!


Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Communication

Lunch included


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