Course Description

Mentorship is a relationship. Focusing on both those receiving mentorship and those in the mentor role, you will get guidance on how to set up the relationship, then develop and excel within it. Discover a mentoring model that incorporates communication skills and strategies designed to enhance your 'signature' mentoring presence. Explore and practise skills in a safe environment, receiving in-the-moment feedback regarding your proficiency. Emerge with a better understanding of what mentoring is and is not, with the confidence to utilize your new skills. Get tips on designing effective mentoring relationships and navigating the intergenerational workforce.

Best-in-class organizations embrace mentoring as part of their culture.  Mentoring has proven to be extremely effective in engaging employees, recognizing and developing potential, implementing change and growth initiatives, and ensuring relevance in today's dynamic environment.


Please note, this session is not eligible for credit towards the Certificate for Emerging Leaders

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