Course Description

Trust is the foundation for establishing effective communication, for motivating staff, for keeping customers and clients, and for establishing credibility. Thomas J. Watson, founder of IBM said: "The toughest thing about the power of trust is that it's very difficult to build and very easy to destroy." Today, increasing generational and cultural diversity in the workplace makes building and maintaining trust more difficult than it has ever been before.


This compact yet comprehensive seminar provides managers, supervisors and leaders with a practical framework for building trust and reducing cynicism—key components of individual and organizational success.


? What trust is, and isn't

? How trust develops

? The Trust Model; the four levels of trust

? Actions that build trust

? Actions that destroy trust

? Diagnosing your team and individual trust

? When trust is broken

Who Will Benefit?

This workshop is beneficial to decision makers, managers, and human resource personnel responsible for work outcomes and the creation of a positive work culture. Techniques will be especially useful if your organization has undergone rapid change or other upheaval.


Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Professional skills


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