Course Description

Energize Your Workplace: Inspiring and Motivating People

If you are at a loss as to how to motivate people you are not alone. People want more from work and their workplaces. Shifting values means that people want to make a difference, experience a high quality work life, and engage their deepest energies in pursuit of excellence at home and at work. They want great leadership, opportunities to develop mastery, to feel respected and appreciated, and to work in a robust community. 


  • What is an energized workplace?
  • Six expectations of today’s employees
  • Are you an authentic and compelling leader?
  • Inspiration versus motivation: what’s the difference and why does it matter?
  • Start with why: uncover personal reasons for showing up everyday
  • Three keys to inspirational workplaces and leaders
  • Practical strategies to create an energized workplace
  • Ways to build and sustain personal energy
  • Four pathways to building inspirational cultures
  • Creating positive energy
  • Build relationships and connection
  • Recognition, appreciation and significance
  • Ten questions to build accountability

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