Course Description

Let's face it. Some people are just difficult. They makeit seemingly impossible to have a positive, constructive relationship. Are there difficult people in your workplace? Or in your personal life? They might be co-workers, supervisors, direct reports, customers, clients, neighbours, or familymembers. They may be overly demanding or overly agreeable, consistently obstinate, generally resistant, or even hostile. Perhaps they're 'do-nothings.' What all of these people have in common is the relationship challenge they pose for others. In this interactive workshop, learn to identify and understand various types of difficult people. Discuss techniques and strategies that can set you on the path to positive relationships in even the most challenging situations. Discover how you can diffuse problematic behaviours, avoid arguments, and generally interact with difficult people in a positive way. Learn to apply these strategies to your own personal situations.


  • Behaviours that encourage and discourage difficult behaviour in othersIdentifying and handling the most common types of difficult people
  • What really triggers difficult people to behave so negatively?
  • Communicating effectively with difficult people
  • Turning negative situations into positive ones
  • A 7-step strategy to conquer even the strongest resistance
  • Neutralizing tactics and weapons of difficult people
  • Minimizing, even eliminating, negative effects of difficult behaviour

This highly interactive and skill-based seminar will use a variety of methods, including a video presentation, lecturettes, group and class discussions, and behaviour rehearsals.


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