Course Description

Knowledge - a most precious resource in our networked economy. It is dynamic and elusive. We can?t know it all, nor capture it all. A compelling challenge for organizations today is how to leverage available intellectual capital to enhance performance.

Knowledge is a renewable resource - the collective capability of know-how, information, experience and intellectual property that gives a company a competitive edge. Identify your critical knowledge assets andexplore how your organizational processes and practices impact the use and flow of knowledge. We will consider knowledge assets from the perspective of: Human capital - knowledge resident in the minds of individuals Structural capital - knowledge embedded in organization systems, artifacts, norms and tools Relational capital - knowledge that exists within the networks and relationships both internal and external to the organization

Objectives As a result of attending this event, you may expect to:

  • Assessstock and flow of knowledge in using a diagnostic process to:
  • Identify critical knowledge assets based on key issues and priorities
  • Explore how existing organizational formal structures and tools impact the potential for knowledge flow
  • Recognize informal social structures and norms which influence knowledge use for adaptive learning


  • Knowledge as an integrating strategy
  • Context for Knowledge
  • Defining knowledge as an asset - human, structural and relational capital
  • Taking Stock of Knowledge
  • Enabling Knowledge Flow
  • What tools and structures support workflow across boundaries?
  • Defining tools and structures within the following categories<
  • Policy/Guidelines
  • Measures/Rewards
  • Technology Tools
  • Non Technology Tools
  • Facilitating Know-how
  • Consider the informal ways in which work gets done ? the unwritten rules; the social norms and beliefs that influence how people use their knowledge to navigate the formal systems and tools in doing their work.
  • Summary and Next Steps

      Who will Benefit?

    • The session is intended to provide manager and teamleaders with a diagnostic process to begin to assess and focus on what knowledge is critical for success and how to enhance its stock and flow. We will explore how existing organizational tools and structures, both formal and informal, enable or impede knowledge exchange. Managers and team leaders facing current challenges of creating more effective knowledge flow across boundaries and across disciplines will gaininsights into considerations for leveraging the collective wisdom of their team for high performance.

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