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Traditionally, the zone has been seen as the domain of athletes, artists, scientists, and high-level corporate achievers. Yet in today's new era of creativity and innovation, every leader needs to be able to access his or her own zone of optimal performance and create environments for others to do the same. Competitive advantage comes from differentiation. It's not only about what you do in the workplace but how you do it. When you've got that edge, you shine. And that shine comes from your ability to stay energized. Instead of multi-tasking and becoming drained, focus on the vital actions that really matter. Learn how to activate your inner intelligence so that everything you do becomes effortless and seamless. Drawing on insights from brain and creativity research, sports psychology, and multi-media presentations, this seminar provides you with the knowledge and tools for managing your mind, resources, and talents effectively to produce greater results in less time. Psychological research reveals that this state of flow is natural and leads to success. It's easy. This seminar is spaced to allow for one day to apply knowledge and techniques learned in the 'zone lab.'


  • Leaders and teams in the zone
  • Energy management to optimize your, and your team's, performance
  • Core strategies for working smart, not hard (save one hour a day)
  • Identifying the vital few actions to achieve the results you want
  • The art of focus: parallel-tasking instead of multi-tasking to manage multiple projects
  • Creativity techniques for generating great ideas and solutions in a flash

Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Personal Effectiveness


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