Course Description

The focus of this seminar is to assist you in the improvement of your listening skills and to help you learn how to give effective feedback, both up and down the organization. You will also learn the techniques of giving and receiving criticism, how to identify the four common work communication styles, how to communicate with those whose styles differ from your own, and the differences between male and female communication patterns. This skill-based program presents an emphasis on effective listening skills and on identifying and using appropriate verbal tools to improve communication between people in both social and business settings.


  • How to track and encourage the positive actions of others
  • How to deal with people who are unhappy
  • You can't hear if you don't listen: barriers to effective listening
  • How to respond to people who cause you problems
  • How to encourage mutual problem solving
  • How to deal effectively with value problems
  • How to ask clarifying questions—and listen to the responses
  • I know what I said; that's not what I meant: hearing the message behind the words
  • Genderspeak: communication differences between men and women


Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Communication


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