Course Description

The field of critical communications has three interrelated dimensions; proactively addressing emerging issues, developing believable risk communications programs, and reacting effectively in times of crisis. Explore this three-pronged spectrum of hot communications by studying key issue, risk and crisis strategies and tactics. Learn how the successful communicator can offer increased value to an organization through proactive planning and effective implementation. Learn also to distinguish key concepts associated with critical communications, theories for the creation of issues management, risk and crisis communications programs, as well as how to analyze and apply key communications principles.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Define the key elements of issues management
  • Draft a specific, summarizing, issues management note
  • Identify the unique situations that benefit from risk communications
  • Prepare effective risk communications messages
  • Define the key elements of effective crisis communications
  • Prepare a simple crisis communications plan


Formerly: Issues Management and Crisis Communication


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