Course Description

In this 12-week course, review the methods used in preparing economic evaluations of oil and gas reserves and undeveloped properties. Discuss the use of evaluations. Review uncertainties associated with the recovery of reserves, development of unproven properties, procedures that account for the risk associated with oil and gas assets, and the resulting recommendation for adjustments to the value of these assets.

Course Details


  • Determination of petroleum reserves
  • Forecasting production
  • Estimating capital and operating costs
  • Calculation of royalties and mineral taxes
  • Forecasting hydrocarbon prices
  • Application of income taxes
  • Time value of evaluations for project economics
  • Investment ranking
  • Purchases, sales and mergers of oil and gas assets
  • Lending by financial institutions

Who Will Benefit?

This course is of benefit to a wide range of people, including technical and non-technical workers, financial analysts, and interested property owners.


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