Course Description

Full Stack Development Bootcamp

Discover the technologies and design principles used by full stack developers to create mobile and web applications. Let our interactive learning platform guide you through the process of building a modern application or website. Learn the tools as you walk through the stages of concept, design, and development. Finally, develop a functioning app or website by applying the skills you have learned.

Finish the program with a capstone project that involves launching your web or mobile application on a suitable platform.

This course is delivered in collaboration with Western Continuing Studies and RoboGarden

Course Details

You will learn to use different technologies to prototype and develop websites and applications:

Front End Back End
User Interface

Web Servers
Server Side Programming
Node JS

Course Learning Outcomes

By completion of this program, successful students will be able to:

  • Create user interfaces using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Design the server side of an application
  • Demonstrate competency in using the Git version control system
  • Design the application as single page application using Angular
  • Create cross platform mobile applications using the Ionic framework
  • Recognize how apps are deployed and sold via Google Play and the Apple App store
  • Complete a capstone project that involves launching your web or mobile application on a suitable platform


  • Web Development Basics 1
  • Web Development Basics 2
  • Back End Development
  • Single Page Application 1
  • Single Page Application 2
  • Cross Platform Application using Ionic 1
  • Cross Platform Application using Ionic 2
  • App Commercialization
  • Portfolio Builder
  • Learn to Earn

Format and definition of Bootcamp

This program includes virtual face-to-face instruction along with practical lessons supported by an interactive learning platform.

Approximately half of the time, an instructor and a teaching assistant (TA) will assist in your learning, teaching lessons, and answering your questions or doubts. The other half of the time you will have to work on your own practicing the daily lessons in the learning platform.

For the first sixteen weeks, you will learn through online live sessions with your instructional team and classmates (Monday 5:00pm -6:00pm, Tuesday to Friday 5:00pm - 8:00pm MT). You can expect 12 hours of self-study time each week with the aid of online support.

In the final six weeks, you will apply your knowledge and skills as you complete a capstone project (four weeks) and a Learn2Earn module (two weeks).

The learning platform is powered by RoboGarden, and it helps learning coding literacy by completing coding modules one after the other.

This course is ideal for:

  • Aspiring web developers and coders who want to design, build and manage websites as an independent web developer or as part of a team
  • Individuals who want to pursue careers such as:
    • digital media designer/developer
    • full stack developer
    • website developer
    • web marketing analyst
    • web programmer
    • UX/UI designer


What is Full Stack Development?

Web designer and developer roles have become more specialized and technical as organizations look for more customized solutions for their websites and online presence.

A Full Stack Developer brings the designer and developer roles together.

The line between the front end and back end development fades as more developers are becoming full stack and as more employers hire developers who can use the best tools for both a front and back-end project.

What is a Full Stack Developer?   

  • Full stack developers know the collection of both front end and back end technologies needed to build an application
  • Front end developers build and design the user experience and involves codes such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Back end developers build the storage and processing power of an application using servers, databases, and languages like Ruby, Java, PHP, Python or .NET
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M, T, W, Th, F
5:00PM to 8:00PM
Jan 24, 2022 to Jun 22, 2022
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Flat Fee non-credit $5,995.00
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No Textbook Required.
Section Notes

This course is delivered in an online blended format, meaning that some classes are taught in a live virtual session and some work have to done in a designated online platform on your own time. The RoboGarden platform is used in this pilot course.

For the best experience, you will require access to a computer with Internet connection, a headset with speakers and microphone, webcam, and a monitor large enough to display multiple applications (or the use of two monitors). Your computer and internet connection should meet certain requirements. See the recommended requirements...


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