Course Description

This course is offered through the Faculty of Science Professional Training.

Experience what it‘s like to work in a game production studio. This course uses an integrated approach to the four core disciplines of game production: computer programming, story and design, media content, and business practice. These four key areas must be properly balanced to ensure the kind of production quality that today’s players demand. The best way to experience and perfect this is through collaboration. In this course, you will learn to produce work from your core discipline to be integrated into an overall team project, and experience a game production studio environment to design, build, and pitch your project using industry standard best practices.

Upon successful completion of this course students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Build, design, create and pitch a computer game as part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Practice communication and collaboration across all four core disciplines of game production
  • Discover your personal strengths and what you have to offer the game production industry
  • Chart a skills-based plan for a career in the game development industry
  • Refine your portfolio to support your career path


Special Discount

A 20% discount on registration is available to:

  • Current students at the University of Calgary
  • Former University of Calgary students who have completed their final term in Fall 2021 or Winter 2022

To receive this discount, you must email Dr. Richard Zhao (richard.zhao1@ucalgary.ca) with either your Enrolment Verification letter or your unofficial transcript from the “My UCalgary” student portal before registering for the course. You will receive a discount code to use when registering. Use of the discount code will be verified after enrolment, students who did not receive prior approval for the discount will need to pay the balance or will be withdrawn from the course.


The student must meet the following proficiencies to take this course:

  1. Has played video games and has a strong interest in learning video game production
  2. Understanding of high school level mathematics.
  3. Proficient with a personal computer, keyboard and mouse.
  4. Has Microsoft Windows operating systems skills and knowledge, and be able to perform the following tasks:
    • start and run Windows
    • use the taskbar, Start button and Help feature
    • use Minimize, Maximize, Restore Down/Up and Close
    • use the left and right mouse buttons appropriately
    • understand file management
    • navigate between files, folders, or drives
    • cutting, copying, and pasting content, files and folders
    • browse the web and download files from the web

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