Course Description

Leadership begins with you. It begins with knowing what your strengths are, and identifying the skills you need to develop in order to be the leader you want to be. In this workshop, we will explore how to develop your skills by being proactive and taking responsibility for your own leadership in everyday situations. As a result of participating in this first session, you will:

  • 1) Understand the structure, rules, communications, and expectations of the Engineering Leadership Program
  • 2) Understand your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Results and identify how it presents in different life and leadership situations
  • 3) Learn how to be proactive and take responsibility for your leadership development through exploration of reactive and proactive language, and your circle concern and influence.

To prepare for this workshop:

  • 1) Complete your Strengths assessment and bring your results to the session. Don't forget! Strengths assessment link: https://ucalgary.gallup.com/signin/default.aspx#home

Course Details

SSL 101 is the first session of the Foundations tier of the Engineering Leadership Program.


First time registration for the Engineering Leadership Program takes place by enrolling in SSL 101, the first session of the program. Detailed instructions about this session will be communicated prior to the start of the session.

Thank you for your interest in this course. Unfortunately, the course you have selected is currently not open for enrolment. Please contact us for more information.

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