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On this travel study trip, we will discover and explore the culture and history of some of the most isolated and unique countries in the world—Kingdoms of Nepal and Tibet.

Nepal was a monarchy throughout most of its history. The country was split in three kingdoms from the 15th to 18th century, then unified under the Shah dynasty, which was abolished only recently—in May 2008. Tibet, frequently referred to as 'the roof of the world,' was a region of separate sovereign areas during its early history. In the 7th century Lhasa became the capital of the Tibetan Empire and important Buddhist centre. From the 17th century until 1950s the region was headed by the Dalai Lamas. Today, this area, known as the Tibet Autonomous Region, is a part of China.

These two countries are famous for their historical, religious, and geographical significance. We will explore the role of Hinduism, Buddhism and the primal religions in the Himalayan societies. The far-famed natural beauty of the Himalayas is another aspect of the tour. The snow capped mountain peaks, evergreen meadows, and cool and serene atmosphere are enchanting travellers with never-to-be-forgotten magic.

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Accompanying Resource Person: Dr. Valery Efimenko

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