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Trans-Siberian Railway: arguably one of the wonders of the modern world. The name itself invokes adventure. It is truly one of the classical rail journeys, alongside with Australia's India Pacific, and Canada's CP. Covering a distance almost halfway around the globe, this fascinating trip spans almost the entire breadth of Asia, not to mention a good part of European Russia. Our journey will begin in Vladivostok, a Pacific seaport town of three-quarter million and the eastern terminus of the TSR. The train journey westward crosses mountains, dense forests, vast grasslands and mighty rivers, on its way across the Ural Mountains to European Russia. We will explore the Russian capital and metropolis of 12 million, Moscow. This Russian capital is a treasure of history, architecture, theatres, museums, as well as shopping and entertainment.

Our journey will end in the second largest city of Russia, St. Petersburg, and the former imperial capital of about 5 million. It is a city unlike any other in all of Russia, different from the rest of the country in almost all aspects. Be prepared for an exotic and unique cultural experience, from a fascinating cultural and ethnic mosaic of Siberia and the Far East to a Slavic, quintessentially Russian and European culture.

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Accompanying Resource Person: Dr. Peter Slezak

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