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Southwestern Spain has seen many historical clashes—Romans versus Carthaginians, Iberians against Moors, Moors versus Castilian kings. Each culture left its mark on this beautiful corner of the world, from Roman amphitheatres and Islamic mosques to Christian cathedrals and the World's Fairs of the 19th and 20th centuries. They also left a culinary mark ranging from tapas and paella to delicate pastries and grilled seafood.

Join us on this 14-day food and culture tour of Moorish Spain. We'll walk the same narrow streets that have seen Roman centurions, Berber invaders, Visigoth occupiers, Spanish royalty, and Gypsy musicians. We'll dine on the best of Andalusian food and delve into the tasty history of sherry.

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Accompanying Resource Person: John Gilchrist

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