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Our main focus of this trip will be the United Arab Emirates, especially Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which feature world class marvels of architectural achievement—dazzling, glittering pinnacles soaring skyward, in sharp contrast to traditional settlement patterns and the surrounding shifting, whispering sands. In Abu Dhabi we will marvel at the incredible contrasts between traditional patterns and lifestyles, from Bedouin tents and souqs to the luxurious, ostentatious Emirates Palace. There will be time for relaxed sightseeing while strolling along the famous Corniche and for watching the skyline stream by while experiencing a sumptuous feast aboard an elegant dinner yacht.

In sharp contrast to cityscapes, we will take a sojourn to the Muscadam Peninsula, an exclave of Oman, to be treated to a full-day dhow trip through magnificent blue fjords which are teeming with wildlife. Our tour would be incomplete without a brief stay in an elegant desert resort with a focus on eco-tourism.

The highlight of the tour will be our explorations of Dubai with a focus on architectural magnificence: the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque, the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world, and the ostentatious seven-star Burj al-Arab hotel. There will also be time for self-directed walks through historic quarters, creekside souqs and world-class shopping malls and emporia.

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Accompanying Resource Person: Peter Herem

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