Course Description

This is the first of three courses designed to prepare you for university entrance. This course covers the properties of fractions, exponents and radicals, algebraic expressions, expanding and factoring polynomials, linear functions, systems of linear equations, and right-angled trigonometry. In terms of polynomial functions, this course will have an emphasis on functions of degree one (linear). 

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate algebraic reasoning and number sense through the study of exponents, fractions, integers, radicals and polynomial expressions;
  • Simplify and manipulate algebraic expressions; 
  • Solve linear equations and systems of equations; and, 
  • Apply trigonometric reasoning through the study of right-angled trigonometry. 


Withdrawal Policy

For a full refund to be issued, notice of withdrawal must be received ten calendar days or more prior to the start date of the course. 

If notice of a student's withdrawal from a course is received less than ten calendar days prior to the start date or up to five days after the start date of the course, an administration fee of $100 will be applied to the refund amount. 

Withdrawal notices received more than five days after the start date will not be issued a refund. 


Successful completion of Grade 9 math. Questions about placement? 

Call: 403.220.2866 or email: conted@ucalgary.ca 


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