Course Description

Managing IT Infrastructure Projects

IT infrastructure consists of physical hardware network systems, data storage, and software to support an organization's business goals.

Learn the characteristics and approaches to managing IT infrastructure projects.

Course Details

Course Learning Outcomes

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Describe the key components of IT infrastructure
  • Describe different types of infrastructure projects
  • Recognize the different elements and approaches to manage infrastructure projects
  • Describe the various trends in IT Infrastructure 

Topics of Instruction

  • Introduction to infrastructure lifecycle management
  • Infrastructure elements
    • physical hardware and facilities (including data centers)
    • data storage and retrieval, network systems, legacy interfaces
    • software to support the business goals
    • remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)
  • Types of infrastructure projects
  • Differences between infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects
  • Gathering requirements for IT projects
  • Examples of Migrating applications to cloud. Ex.
    • Phases of Cloud Migration
    • Approaches for Cloud Migration




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