Course Description

Learn effective relationship selling skills and how to build a strategic sales plan that will help you win new business. Relationship selling skills help build your client base and foster repeat business. The strategic selling plan provides action steps for moving forward. You must use a real selling situation for your course project. New or experienced sales people, business professionals, and small business owners will find this course of interest.

Formerly BMC 260 Strategic Selling.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics and skills of a good salesperson
  • Identify why people decide to buy
  • Identify and use the key steps in selling
  • Ask good questions and listen effectively
  • Define your ideal client and plan how to connect with them
  • Develop an effective quick introduction
  • Identify who you need in your network and how to find them
  • Determine your best referral system
  • Identify the buying roles in an organization
  • Develop a strategic sales plan for key client prospects
  • Plan each sales call including a key selling objective

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